Best Friends: Massage and Chiropractic

You might not realize this, but massage therapy and chiropractic care are best friends. Really, they are bff’s from way back. Speaking of backs, chiropractic care keeps your spine aligned which keeps your entire body healthy. Massage can reduce tension in the muscles and increase muscle tone. This will help to hold your adjustment and your new posture for longer.

If you want to get the most out of your adjustments, Dr. Denny and Dr. Mandy recommend combining your chiropractic care plan with massage. Next time you’re in the office talk to Liz and she can help you figure out which option works best for you.

Psssttt…. We also have a special for first time massage clients! Only $39 for a one hour massage. That is an AMAZING deal. Call (479) 442-2759 to get scheduled with Jammie Hayes or Patricia Charlton. Both are licensed massage therapists and prenatal massage certified.