Eating Local: Greenhouse Grille

Eating Local: Greenhouse Grille

Greenhouse Grille was one of the first restaurants in Fayetteville, Arkansas to focus on locally sourced, organic ingredients and conscious cuisine. They are also the home of US Foods 2013 next top product award winning black bean slider.

Patricia’s take:

I have heard so much about their famous black-bean burger patty that I had to try it. Instead of the brioche, I swapped out for their local sourdough which is traditionally made and lowers the gluten content of the bread by the fermentation process and makes it more easily digestible. (More about that in another post!)  

It was delightful. There was flavor but not overpowering. It was filling and as a lover of meat, I felt satisfied and didn’t miss having meat in my meal. Their sweet potato fries are great. (I don’t think I’ve ever met a sweet potato fry that I didn’t love actually.) Even better than the fries though, is the magic ketchup that is housemade and absolutely wonderful. I’m reminded of childhood days of eating more ketchup than whatever I was supposed to be actually dipping. One of the things I love about their magic ketchup is that it isn’t overly sweet.

Ashley’s take:

Oh my… I had the black bean burger as well and it was incredible as always! Their house original recipe has been a favorite since the first time that flavor hit my palate. The local toasted sourdough bread, with arugula, pimento, and avocado made perfect residence for that yummy black bean cake. I chose to also pair it with the sweet potato fries. Who can deny them with that magic catsup!?  

Eating Local: Mockingbird Kitchen

Mockingbird Kitchen is a new-ish restaurant in Fayetteville and describes themselves as “New American Cuisine.” Lucky for us we have the option to have yummy locally sourced food right next door to the office.


Chrissy “Cheffy” Sanderson is a former executive chef and co-owner of Bordino’s and she brings that flair to Mockingbird Kitchen with a seasonal, rotating menu that features recipes passed down from her mother and grandmother and the best our area and regional farmers have to offer.

Patricia’s take:

I’ve eaten here a handful of times and every single time, I’ve been impressed. For lunch last week, I wanted a filling grain free option and the blue plate special did not disappoint. The blue plate special gave multiple options and you select 4. I chose the sauteed greens, side salad, three bean salad, and sweet potato fries. There are tons of options available regardless of your dietary needs. I was more than happy and left feeling very satisfied with my grain free meal. The atmosphere is quiet and cozy even when every table is full. The staff do a great job answering questions about ingredients and are very welcoming.

Ashley’s take:

Mockingbird definitely has a great, relaxing environment to dine in with friends or family for lunch or dinner. I had been wanting to try the oat burger and it was delicious! It was filled with veggies, quinoa, mushrooms, and of course as the name says, oats. It was my first vegan burger that was not bean based. I was pleasantly surprised by the great flavor and texture. I paired it with the home fries and splurged for the day. Yumm!

Eating Local: brick house kitchen


Liz and Patricia will be covering local restaurants in Fayetteville, AR. They will be your best source for where to find delicious and healthy food while eating out. 

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The Details:

brick house kitchen

1 E. Center St. STE 160

Fayetteville, Arkansas

(479) 587-9500

Hours: Monday-Saturday   11:00am-3:00pm

Their entire menu and kitchen are gluten-free. That is very good news for the growing number of people diagnosed with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or a wheat allergy. They feature ingredients produced by local farmers as often as they can.  Executive Chef and owner, David Lewis, changes the menu seasonally.


Patricia’s take:

I loved how the dining room overlooked the square. Liz and I were there just after noon and before our food arrived there was great people watching as the farmer’s market was winding down. The interior looked and felt like a friend’s kitchen who also happens to be a chef that makes delicious and fresh gluten-free food. The spring rolls were pretty and tasted incredibly fresh.  I wanted to lick the cilantro, lime and ginger dipping sauce right out of the ramekin. It was really that good.  I also had the Smoked Shiitake Ricotta Torta. The menu description: Our handcrafted ricotta baked with house-smoked Sweden Creek Farm shiitakes and topped with local vegetables in a green tomato and basil sauce, served with roasted potatoes. There was an option to add bacon. I did. It was a dish that was completely full of flavor. I loved the way the smoked shiitakes and the ricotta tasted together. They really complemented each other. Brick House Kitchen is a place that everything on the menu tastes and looks amazing. I look forward to returning.



(picture taken from brick house kitchen’s facebook page

Liz’s take:

Brick House Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Fayetteville and once you eat there you will know why.  It took us quite a while to decide which dish we wanted most (everything sounded fabulous).  I finally decided on the special, a savory basil cheesecake with a ratatouille of local veggies like squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and purple onion. The creamy cheesecake had a nut crust which gave the dish a nice balance in texture. Perfectly caramelized veggies compliment the tanginess of the cheesecake making it a very composed dish.  I would recommend this as an appetizer or light entrée because I was still a little hungry so I proceeded to “help” Patricia with her plate. Another plus to this establishment is that their entire facility is gluten free. They also utilize meat and veggies from local farmers. That being said I was very pleased to see that their prices were reasonable when considering that they supply local, fresh and expertly prepared dishes. I will definitely be going back to try their Roasted Vegetable in Miso or maybe the Pulled Pork Platter or I might have the Tikka Masala, still haven’t decided yet.