Get outside!


This is George. He’s my dog and he’s pretty energetic. He LOVES going for walks. This is his, “WALK!” face. 🙂

A few days ago our weather felt like a lovely day in April instead of January, so George and I took advantage of that fact and took a walk at lunchtime. That wasn’t my plan for lunchtime though, I intended on running errands, starting laundry, and doing other various ‘mom’ things during my lunch break. I almost did all of those other things, but when I walked to my car from the office and saw the lovely blue sky and felt the warmth of the sun, I decided all of my other stuff could wait. It was a good reminder that wellness is more than just eating all of the right foods and exercise. Wellness means being outside in nature too. During my walk I soaked up that sunshine and just enjoyed being outside and moving. It was a huge boost to my mood and well-being.

Even if the weather is cold, still bundle up and get outside and absorb some of those benefits. Did you know that Dr. Mandy walks Jude to school every morning? If it’s cold, they run. 🙂




Color Vibe 5K: The Generacers!

Last Saturday started with some cloudy skies, then some rain and storms and then some more rain. A little bit of rain and wet weather didn’t stop the GENERACERS! We showed up at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Fayetteville, Arkansas ready for some fun. The Color Vibe people know how to put on a high energy event! The atmosphere was more like a concert than a 5k. Everyone was dancing and jumping around before and after the race. Due to the weather, the course was full of puddles (perfect for splashing) and mud. By the end, everyone was  a muddy and colorful mess. Jude loved splashing through the puddles. He wasn’t the only one. Most of the adults were splashing through the mud puddles too. After crossing the finish line, there was a “color blower.” Imagine a leaf blower that is shooting out a bunch of colored corn starch instead of air. It was a colorful and fun mess! Everyone is looking forward to next year.


Rae, Dr. Denny Warren, Patricia Charlton, and Liz Patterson after the race.


photo (4)

Dr. Mandy Warren and Liz Patterson before the race.




Jammie Hayes and her friend, Lindsay Young, before the race.

If the Color Vibe in Fayetteville was so much that you’re anxious to do it again, the Color Vibe will be in Ft. Smith, Arkansas on October 19, 2013!

Improve your ability to learn and think clearly

Clear Thinking and Learning

In this fantastic video, Dr. Denny talks about the connection between our brain and exercise and how that affects our ability to think clearly and even to learn.

This is also a fantastic example of working with kids. Jude is putting on quite the show. He loves to look at himself in the phone while Dad is recording from Wilson Park in Fayetteville, AR. Rae looks like she wants the sun out of her eyes. 🙂

Love the video? Subscribe to Generation’s YouTube channel for more good stuff. Anything in particular you want to see Dr. Denny cover in a future video? Tell us in the comments and we’ll make it happen!