Advanced Workshop: Movement

Posted by Generations Health and Wellness Center on Thursday, February 1, 2018

Check out Dr. Denny’s advanced workshop on movement. This was originally done as a Facebook Live on Thursday February 1st, 2018.

6 Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas!

*Originally posted December 2016*

Holiday shopping season is here! Some people have already taken advantage of black Friday or cyber Monday and they don’t need this post. They should still read it though because these ideas encourage health and wellness. If you are buying someone a gift, chances are that you love them or at least like them a little bit. Typically, we want people we love or even just like a little bit to be around for a long time.  Not only do we want these people to be around longer, we want them to feel their best and be their best. The following ideas encourage health and overall wellness:

  1. Fitness classes/gym membership/workout gear- Know someone that has been talking about trying a yogabarre, or pilates class? Most one day class passes are about $10-15 and a lot of places will have a discount for brand new students or discounts if you purchase packages of 5 or 10 classes. What about someone that already has a gym or crossfit membership?  Pick up the tab for them for a month or two. Feeling really generous? You might score a discount by paying for the year in advance. High-quality workout gear is a great idea for people that like to spend time outside or are trying to increase their activity levels. Uncle Sam’s is a great local spot to shop.
  2. Cooking gear- The friend or family member that has been making healthier food choices and is interested in a real food, paleo, primal, or Weston A Price traditional diet will want a few things that make cooking real food easier. Veggie spiralizers are magical things that turn zucchini and other veggies into noodle like spirals that are absolutely awesome and an amazing pasta or grain substitution. I own the one in the link and I LOVE it. I’ve heard lots of good things about the instant pot. It makes nutrient dense bone broth in an hour! (For reference, bone broth is usually a 12 hour or more event.) Food processors, juicers, good knives or anything that makes cooking a bit easier will be appreciated by a real-food or paleo/primal foodie.
  3. Something Local- Fayetteville, Arkansas is a wonderful place to purchase something made locally. Great Ferments and JR’s Kombucha are just two local, small, family owned businesses. Sauerkraut and kombucha both contain probiotics that improve gut health and they are both darn delicious.
  4. Essential Oils- Anyone that is trying to improve their overall health and looking for natural options to keep their family well needs to check out high quality essential oils. Contact me to find out more about doterra certified pure therapeutic grade oils.
  5. Experiences- Tired of buying kids toys that they lose interest in quickly or getting them an electronic device and now they don’t want to do anything but play on the device? Get them a memory. Instead of buying more stuff, try tickets to a show at the Walton Arts Center, art or music classes, tickets to the children’s museum or a homemade gift certificate for a future hike or camping trip.
  6. New Patient Chiropractic Exam- Do you have a friend or family member that has been trying to get healthier? Back pain is not a requirement. Chiropractic makes a great addition to a wellness lifestyle. You can  purchase a gift certificate for the initial exam at our office, including any needed x-rays, and a separate consultation with Dr. Denny Warren.

Now that you are equipped with 6 great holiday gift ideas that encourage health and wellness you can start shopping! Your friends and family will thank you for years to come.

Trail Pick up!


Dr. Denny and Sami snagged a picture by our pretty cool sign! The city of Fayetteville puts up a sign for groups, businesses and organizations that pick up their adopted trail at least 4 times a year. Follow us on Facebook for announcements about the next trail pick up and help us support our community by cleaning up Fayetteville.

Get outside!


This is George. He’s my dog and he’s pretty energetic. He LOVES going for walks. This is his, “WALK!” face. 🙂

A few days ago our weather felt like a lovely day in April instead of January, so George and I took advantage of that fact and took a walk at lunchtime. That wasn’t my plan for lunchtime though, I intended on running errands, starting laundry, and doing other various ‘mom’ things during my lunch break. I almost did all of those other things, but when I walked to my car from the office and saw the lovely blue sky and felt the warmth of the sun, I decided all of my other stuff could wait. It was a good reminder that wellness is more than just eating all of the right foods and exercise. Wellness means being outside in nature too. During my walk I soaked up that sunshine and just enjoyed being outside and moving. It was a huge boost to my mood and well-being.

Even if the weather is cold, still bundle up and get outside and absorb some of those benefits. Did you know that Dr. Mandy walks Jude to school every morning? If it’s cold, they run. 🙂




Color Vibe 5K: The Generacers!

Last Saturday started with some cloudy skies, then some rain and storms and then some more rain. A little bit of rain and wet weather didn’t stop the GENERACERS! We showed up at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Fayetteville, Arkansas ready for some fun. The Color Vibe people know how to put on a high energy event! The atmosphere was more like a concert than a 5k. Everyone was dancing and jumping around before and after the race. Due to the weather, the course was full of puddles (perfect for splashing) and mud. By the end, everyone was  a muddy and colorful mess. Jude loved splashing through the puddles. He wasn’t the only one. Most of the adults were splashing through the mud puddles too. After crossing the finish line, there was a “color blower.” Imagine a leaf blower that is shooting out a bunch of colored corn starch instead of air. It was a colorful and fun mess! Everyone is looking forward to next year.


Rae, Dr. Denny Warren, Patricia Charlton, and Liz Patterson after the race.


photo (4)

Dr. Mandy Warren and Liz Patterson before the race.




Jammie Hayes and her friend, Lindsay Young, before the race.

If the Color Vibe in Fayetteville was so much that you’re anxious to do it again, the Color Vibe will be in Ft. Smith, Arkansas on October 19, 2013!

Improve your ability to learn and think clearly

Clear Thinking and Learning

In this fantastic video, Dr. Denny talks about the connection between our brain and exercise and how that affects our ability to think clearly and even to learn.

This is also a fantastic example of working with kids. Jude is putting on quite the show. He loves to look at himself in the phone while Dad is recording from Wilson Park in Fayetteville, AR. Rae looks like she wants the sun out of her eyes. 🙂

Love the video? Subscribe to Generation’s YouTube channel for more good stuff. Anything in particular you want to see Dr. Denny cover in a future video? Tell us in the comments and we’ll make it happen!