Why is Sourdough Bread Easily Digestible?


Have you heard that traditionally made sourdough bread can be more easily digested than your standard white or wheat bread?


Do you know why?


Phytic Acid.


It’s found in wheat and can be a big trouble maker. Phytic acid can contribute to digestive issues like bloating and flatulence. It also inhibits enzymes in the gut that help to digest protein and starches. This means that part of your problem is the phytic acid keeps those enzymes from working that you need to help you digest everything else you’re eating, not just the bread. 


In sourdough, the lactic acid bacteria produce an enzyme called phytase, which effectively ‘pre-digests’ the phytic acid during the extended fermentation. This partially neutralises the effects of the phytic acid


During the long slow fermentation process of making sourdough bread, an enzyme called phytase is formed. Phytase partially breaks down the phytic acid and then makes it easier to digest.


Traditionally made sourdough bread also has a lower gluten content. The long slow fermentation process also helps to break down some of the gluten.


Now, this doesn’t mean you can just head to the nearest grocery store and buy a loaf of sourdough. Most store bought bread is not made with a long, slow fermentation process. Check your ingredients and if it contains yeast, then it’s not made with a sourdough starter, so it’s not the real thing. Check out this article by The Healthy Home Economist for more information on spotting ‘fakes.’


You can always make your own sourdough bread. Then you know it’s the real thing. Dr. Mandy recommends this e-book

Announcing Chiropractic Happy Hour!


We are teaming up with Hill City Popcorn and JR’s Kombucha to present a fun evening of fascinating spinal research and yummy snacks.  Our first Chiropractic Happy Hour will be Thursday June 15th at 5:15 pm in the office. Snack on some yummy goodness and learn the research of how corrective chiropractic care improves your overall quality and quantity of life.  This is also a great opportunity to bring a friend or a family member that has had questions about how chiropractic care works. Chiropractic Happy Hour will be regularly held on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month from 5:15-6:15. RSVP by calling the office at 479-442-2755 and talking to Sami. We want to make sure we have enough popcorn and kombucha for everyone. 🙂