Eating Local: Greenhouse Grille

Eating Local: Greenhouse Grille

Greenhouse Grille was one of the first restaurants in Fayetteville, Arkansas to focus on locally sourced, organic ingredients and conscious cuisine. They are also the home of US Foods 2013 next top product award winning black bean slider.

Patricia’s take:

I have heard so much about their famous black-bean burger patty that I had to try it. Instead of the brioche, I swapped out for their local sourdough which is traditionally made and lowers the gluten content of the bread by the fermentation process and makes it more easily digestible. (More about that in another post!)  

It was delightful. There was flavor but not overpowering. It was filling and as a lover of meat, I felt satisfied and didn’t miss having meat in my meal. Their sweet potato fries are great. (I don’t think I’ve ever met a sweet potato fry that I didn’t love actually.) Even better than the fries though, is the magic ketchup that is housemade and absolutely wonderful. I’m reminded of childhood days of eating more ketchup than whatever I was supposed to be actually dipping. One of the things I love about their magic ketchup is that it isn’t overly sweet.

Ashley’s take:

Oh my… I had the black bean burger as well and it was incredible as always! Their house original recipe has been a favorite since the first time that flavor hit my palate. The local toasted sourdough bread, with arugula, pimento, and avocado made perfect residence for that yummy black bean cake. I chose to also pair it with the sweet potato fries. Who can deny them with that magic catsup!?