Eating Local: brick house kitchen


Liz and Patricia will be covering local restaurants in Fayetteville, AR. They will be your best source for where to find delicious and healthy food while eating out. 

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The Details:

brick house kitchen

1 E. Center St. STE 160

Fayetteville, Arkansas

(479) 587-9500

Hours: Monday-Saturday   11:00am-3:00pm

Their entire menu and kitchen are gluten-free. That is very good news for the growing number of people diagnosed with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or a wheat allergy. They feature ingredients produced by local farmers as often as they can.  Executive Chef and owner, David Lewis, changes the menu seasonally.


Patricia’s take:

I loved how the dining room overlooked the square. Liz and I were there just after noon and before our food arrived there was great people watching as the farmer’s market was winding down. The interior looked and felt like a friend’s kitchen who also happens to be a chef that makes delicious and fresh gluten-free food. The spring rolls were pretty and tasted incredibly fresh.  I wanted to lick the cilantro, lime and ginger dipping sauce right out of the ramekin. It was really that good.  I also had the Smoked Shiitake Ricotta Torta. The menu description: Our handcrafted ricotta baked with house-smoked Sweden Creek Farm shiitakes and topped with local vegetables in a green tomato and basil sauce, served with roasted potatoes. There was an option to add bacon. I did. It was a dish that was completely full of flavor. I loved the way the smoked shiitakes and the ricotta tasted together. They really complemented each other. Brick House Kitchen is a place that everything on the menu tastes and looks amazing. I look forward to returning.



(picture taken from brick house kitchen’s facebook page

Liz’s take:

Brick House Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Fayetteville and once you eat there you will know why.  It took us quite a while to decide which dish we wanted most (everything sounded fabulous).  I finally decided on the special, a savory basil cheesecake with a ratatouille of local veggies like squash, eggplant, tomatoes, and purple onion. The creamy cheesecake had a nut crust which gave the dish a nice balance in texture. Perfectly caramelized veggies compliment the tanginess of the cheesecake making it a very composed dish.  I would recommend this as an appetizer or light entrée because I was still a little hungry so I proceeded to “help” Patricia with her plate. Another plus to this establishment is that their entire facility is gluten free. They also utilize meat and veggies from local farmers. That being said I was very pleased to see that their prices were reasonable when considering that they supply local, fresh and expertly prepared dishes. I will definitely be going back to try their Roasted Vegetable in Miso or maybe the Pulled Pork Platter or I might have the Tikka Masala, still haven’t decided yet.

Forks Over Knives: The Unofficial Review

For the record, Dr. Denny and Dr. Mandy do believe that eating meat is good for you as long as it is high-quality meat. (Pastured and happy!) We can connect you with places to source high-quality meat in the Fayetteville, AR area. We are lucky in Northwest Arkansas to have so many wonderful farmer’s markets in the area and CSA’s (community supported agriculture.) Call or come by the office and we will help you out!(479) 422-2755 


“Let food be thy medicine.”



Forks over Knives started out with a great quote and it’s a documentary about food. That just combined my three favorite things! Quotes, documentaries, and food!  At this point, I was thinking this is going to be the best hour and a half of my life. While it might not have been the best hour and a half of my life, it was still pretty awesome. Forks over Knives examines the claim that most if not all chronic illnesses including cancer can be controlled or even reversed by adopting a primarily plant-based diet. There were lots of scary statistics, studies, charts, and graphs about how sick Americans are. Did you know that half of all Americans are on at least one prescription for a chronic illness? Wow.


Drs. Campbell and Esselstyn presented a very convincing and moving argument to adopt a primarily plant-based diet. The film showed quite a few inspiring and truly amazing success stories. These were people who had been very sick with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. You get to see them lose weight, give up their medications, and either halt or reverse their chronic illnesses. Amazing! Even more incredible and awe-inspiring is the story of Ruth Heidrich. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in her 40’s. She was a marathon runner and very active. She underwent surgery to have the malignant lump removed, then found out the cancer had spread to her bones and lungs. Instead of having chemo or radiation, she did what most considered unthinkable. She adopted a vegan diet and is now in her 70’s and free from cancer.  She competes in triathlons and has run marathons all over the world!


My only critique of the film is the way they use ‘plant-based diet.’ They mean vegan. It felt a little sneaky, but at the same time most people might not watch a documentary that told them they needed to become a vegan. I definitely think anyone who watches this will benefit and learn a little or alot about how they can become healthier. I give it 4 out of 5 FORKS!